Winter Is Here

This calendar year was really crazy in terms of the weather.  June was hot and muggy at times, July and August were uncharacteristically cool, September was gorgeous, October was cold and rainy, November was nice and balmy, and now December has brought the winter in a hurry.  As I am posting this, the temp outside is 6 degrees below zero.  Thunder Lake basically went from this….

to this…..

…..overnight.  Those photos were taken on back to back days earlier this week.  It’s been pretty dang cold.  With ice fishing now entering my mind, I decided to go out on the ice to see what the ice conditions were like.  In the shallow water in front of the lodge, the ice was 1″ – 1.5″ thick.  Thick enough to hold me, but not thick enough for me to want to venture out into deeper water to see the ice thickness out there.  However with this cold weather, the ice making process should be sped up dramatically.  I have heard reports of 4 inches of ice already on shallower lakes that tend to freeze a lot earlier and faster than Thunder does.

We will keep everyone updated on ice conditions throughout the winter, as well as any fishing reports we come across.  Also, you can expect to see the first snowmobile trail report sometime this month.

Remember, we have the condo units available all winter for snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross country skiiing or for just relaxing and cozying up for the weekend next to the fireplace. We are also running a two person special throughout the winter.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

“See You At The Lake”

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