Thunder Lake Lodge Fishing Report (8-19-11)

Fishing for the last month has been slower, especially for walleyes.  Water surface temps soared to 80 degrees as of a week ago or so and that really made walleye fishing tough for our guests.  As of today, the surface temps are around 73 degrees.  Temps will probably gradually decline during the next month or so and that will trigger the walleyes to go into “fall feedbag” mode and we will definitely see improved fishing for them.

Crappie fishing has been pretty consistent for the last few weeks.   We have had a few guests picking up fish in 8-14 feet of water using crappie minnows on bobber setups.  However just a plain jig with a plastic body has probably outproduced the live bait method.  Specifically within the last week and half or so, we have seen more crappies being brought in by our guests.

Bass fishing has still maintained its success rate numbers as well.  Smallmouth and largemouth have been being caught in a variety of ways.  Big smallies (18-19 inches) are still very common, but we haven’t seen the bigger largemouth being caught.  Soft plastics and topwater plugs have been producing smallies in shallower water during the evening bite, while live bait rigs have been picking up “cruisers” in deeper depths.

This is the time of year when we start to see an upswing in the fishing for all species.  The dog days are coming to an end and the fish will instinctively become more active for feeding, especially the walleyes.  The fall bite is coming and you can be sure I will be out as much as I can to give everyone a report.  We’ll keep you updated.  Feel free to come take advantage of our cheaper fall rates for some great fishing.

“See You At The Lake”

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