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Kids Fishing Contest Results (6-28-12)

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Ten youthful fisherman competed in the Kids Fishing Contest last week and a total of 68 fish were caught on the day.  Here are the award winners from another great day of fishing off the TLL docks:

  • Arcus Johnson from Condo #3 caught the most fish of the day with a total of 13 fish.
  • Josie Johnson, also from Condo #3, caught the smallest fish of the day – a 4 1/8″ sunfish.
  • Big fish of the week was caught by Cottage 11’s Bryan Oelrich, who is a TLL dock fishing veteran.  He landed a 12 3/4″ largemouth bass.

Congrats to all the participants!

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Kids Fishing Contest Results (6-21-12)

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Ten contestants entered last week’s fishing contest and combined to catch a total of 22 fish on the docks here at TLL.  While the overall catch numbers were down a little, the quality and size of the catch was at an all-time high.  Three largemouth bass were caught that all measured over 13 1/2″ in length.  We also had a monster bluegill caught that measured 8 5/8″.  All fisherman competed at the highest level.  Here are this week’s winners:

  • Joshua Beebe in A-Frame #1 caught the smallest fish of the week.  It was a sunfish measuring in at 4 3/4″.
  • We had a 2-way tie for most fish caught by twin sisters Madison and Mercedes Gohl in Cottage Deluxe.  They each caught 5 total fish.
  • The last fish of the day was caught by Caleb Beebe in A-Frame #1.  He made it count by luring a 14 1/4″ largemouth into “taking the bait”.

Congratulations to all the participants on a great day of fishing!

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Kids Fishing Contest Results (6-14-12)

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Five hearty souls participated in the 1st fishing contest of the 2012 season last Thursday on the docks at TLL.  A 2012 pace-setting 53 fish were caught on the day that consisted of the following highlights:

Congratulations to all the participants!

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Thunder Lake Lodge Fishing Report (6-12-12)

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Happy Spring and Summer to everyone!  We have been hard at work on the resort (no different than any other resorter) for the last few months, so we apologize for the lack of blog posting lately.  Some of our followers on Facebook, Twitter and the blog have scolded us lately for not being on top of the blog posts.  We will for sure be more on schedule throughout the course of the summer months from now on with fishing reports, kids fishing contest results and miscellaneous photos of the resort guests, wildlife and the outdoors in general.

Fishing this spring has been up and down so far.  Opener was cooler as always and the bite was a little lethargic overall.  The following weekend we had some guests finally start to get a few walleyes here and there on jig and minnow presentations.

Memorial Day Weekend seemed to be a turning point for the crappie activity here on the lake with multiple guests having success in 4-6 feet of water with jigs and slip bobber/minnow setups.  The walleye bite was still tougher, but the largemouth and smallmouth bass bite has been solid since then and the most reliable bite in terms of action.  Bass of both species were caught in every way imaginable using live bait rigs and artificials.  Northern Pike fishing was at fever pitch over on Big Rice Lake as always.  In terms of numbers, we aren’t sure if we have ever heard of or seen more pike caught over there than what we saw from the Olson Family Reunion this year.  Size and quantities were plentiful and the bonus walleye and perch action over there was noteworthy to say the least.

While the weather was hot and humid all last week with surface temps around 74 degrees, the recent rain and following cold front has dropped water temps a few degrees.  We still feel the best bite for Thunder Lake walleyes is yet to come and will keep you updated in the next couple weeks.

Feature Fisherman of the Week:  We had 2 guests potentially vying for this presitigious award.  Both caught walleyes for their nominations, however one of them gets the nod over the other based on the ‘story’ behind their catch.  Gregg Lundquist from Cottage #3 caught the biggest walleye of the 2012 season thus far with his 28 incher, which was caught with a lindy rig and crawler – a great fish in any circumstance or time of the year.  However, our award goes to Trevor Zimmerman, (pictured below) who caught his first ever walleye on his own in the boat with his dad John and grandfather Denny tutoring him along the way.  The 7 year-old landed his 17 inch walleye on Sunday morning in a boat with 3 generations of Zimmermans from The McCleary Cabin.  What a great family story and photo – the Thunder Lake Lodge ‘experience’ at its finest.

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Thunder Lake Fishing Report (9-19-11)

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Ten days ago the surface temps had dropped to 68 degrees.  Then we had the warmup last week that raised the water temps to 73 degrees.  In the last 7 days with the recent cool down, the surface temps have dropped 12 degrees and as of yesterday, I had 61.  Had a chance to get out in the boat to see if the walleyes are grouping up in their fall spots yet, but didn’t see a whole lot.  Still need another week or two I think before the walleye bite gets going, depending on the weather obviously.

I decided to try the smallmouth bite last night right before dark with the calm water and had a blast with it.  I was throwing topwater surface lures in 6-12 feet of water and the smallies were smashing it very aggresively, sometimes taking multiple swipes at it.  I boated 4 fish in about 30 minutes with the biggest being the first fish of the evening, which was a 19.5″ football.  I also caught a couple 17 inchers and a 15 incher.  I must have missed 5-6 other fish who flat-out missed the lure.  It was great action and a great reminder how fun the trophy smallie fishing can be on Thunder Lake.

Crappies have moved off their shallow holding spots and have probably moved to deeper water with the cool down.  We haven’t had many people fishing for them lately, but I imagine if someone wanted to, they could have some good success with crappie minnows and slip bobber setups.

Start making your reservations to catch the good fall bite for walleyes, smallies, largemouth and crappies!

“See You At The Lake”

Kids Fishing Contest Results (9-2-11)

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Nine contestants rallied at the TLL docks for the September 2nd Kids Fishing Contest, which was the 11th and final contest of the 2011 summer.  89 total fish were caught on the day and the superlatives were as follows:

  • Cottage #10’s Andrew Marquette caught the smallest fish on the day, which was a sunfish measuring 4 1/8 inches.
  • The most fish of the day was 25!  Lyndsey Anderson from Cottage #7 put up that great number for the day.
  • The biggest fish of the final Kids Fishing Contest of 2011 was caught by Riley “Boo” Diekmann in Cottage #8, who caught a monstrous 9 1/2 inch rock bass!

Congrats to all the participants!

“See You At The Lake”

Kids Fishing Contest Results (8-25-11)

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Nine contestants competed in the weekly Kids Fishing Contest on August 25th at TLL with a total of 68 fish being caught for the day!  Here are the notables from the day:

  • Small fish of the day went to Paige Manguson in The McCleary Cabin, who caught a 3 3/4 inch sunfish.
  • Santino Diottaviano and Jerah Comer, both from Cottage #12, caught the most fish on the day, which was 12.
  • The big fish of the week was caught by Ashley Clements in A-Frame #2, who caught a big, beautiful bluegill that measured in at 8 3/8 inches.

Congrats to all the participants!

“See You At The Lake”

Kids Fishing Contest Results (8-18-11)

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

On another sunny, beautiful Thursday afternoon at Thunder Lake, 10 contestants gathered on the docks on August 18th for the kids fishing contest at TLL.  This crew caught a total of 75 fish between them all!  Here are the superlatives for the week:

  • Isaac Bonick from Cottage #11 caught the smallest fish of the day, which was a 4 inch sunfish.
  • Cody Clements in A-Frame #2 caught the most fish of the day.  He caught 13 fish.
  • Cottage #5‘s Claire Nilan caught the biggest fish of the day.  She caught a gigantic 9 1/2 inch rock bass!

Congratulations to all of you that participated!  What a great group of fishermen!

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Kids Fishing Contest Results (8-11-11)

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Nine contestants battled it out on the TLL docks during the August 11th kids fishing contest.  After 30 minutes of intense fishing action, here are the notables that distinguished themselves at the end:

  • Jillian Dunphy from Cottage #11 caught the smallest fish of the day.  It was a 4 1/4 inch perch.
  • Cottage Deluxe’s Jordan Hellie and McCleary Cabin’s Ben Condon tied for most fish caught, which was a total of 10 fish.
  • Micheal Mitzuk from the McCleary Cabin caught the biggest fish of the day.  It was a 7 1/2 inch rock bass.

Congrats to all the participants!

“See You At The Lake”

Thunder Lake Lodge Fishing Report (8-19-11)

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Fishing for the last month has been slower, especially for walleyes.  Water surface temps soared to 80 degrees as of a week ago or so and that really made walleye fishing tough for our guests.  As of today, the surface temps are around 73 degrees.  Temps will probably gradually decline during the next month or so and that will trigger the walleyes to go into “fall feedbag” mode and we will definitely see improved fishing for them.

Crappie fishing has been pretty consistent for the last few weeks.   We have had a few guests picking up fish in 8-14 feet of water using crappie minnows on bobber setups.  However just a plain jig with a plastic body has probably outproduced the live bait method.  Specifically within the last week and half or so, we have seen more crappies being brought in by our guests.

Bass fishing has still maintained its success rate numbers as well.  Smallmouth and largemouth have been being caught in a variety of ways.  Big smallies (18-19 inches) are still very common, but we haven’t seen the bigger largemouth being caught.  Soft plastics and topwater plugs have been producing smallies in shallower water during the evening bite, while live bait rigs have been picking up “cruisers” in deeper depths.

This is the time of year when we start to see an upswing in the fishing for all species.  The dog days are coming to an end and the fish will instinctively become more active for feeding, especially the walleyes.  The fall bite is coming and you can be sure I will be out as much as I can to give everyone a report.  We’ll keep you updated.  Feel free to come take advantage of our cheaper fall rates for some great fishing.

“See You At The Lake”