Remembering Jay Legvold

We are saddened to learn that one of TLL’s greatest guests has passed away at the young age of 97.

Despite his age, Jay Legvold led a very youthful lifestyle as he was more active than most people half his age.  He was known for taking his mile walk every day here at the resort down the gravel road.  Jay was also an avid fisherman and loved to fish for smallmouth bass with hopes of always catching “the big one”.  He also always made it a point to watch his great grandchildren in the kids fishing contest from the bench next to the lakeside of the lodge.

Every year during their vacation over the 4th of July week, the Legvold’s and Marotz’s would celebrate Jay’s birthday with a party on the deck of Cottage Deluxe and we were always invited over to celebrate with some cake and ice cream.

Jay had been coming up with his family for many years and we had the fortunate opportunity to meet and know him during our 3 seasons here at the resort so far.  He was simply an amazing man.  We will miss him at TLL.

Justus “Jay” Legvold (1913-2010) at Thunder Lake.

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