Kids Fishing Contest Results (7-9-13)

We believe that the 29 contestants who competed in last week’s fishing contest set a record for most contestants in a week.  Safe to say that the fishing contest conductor got a workout on this day!  The 29 kids caught a total of 115 fish on this day.  Here are the notables for the week:

  • Small fish for the day was caught by Cottage #9‘s Reed Krogstad.  He caught a 2 7/8″ rock bass.
  • Lars Ecklund from Cottage Deluxe caught the most fish of the day – a total of 9 fish.
  • Big fish of the day went to Annika Ecklund, also from Cottage Deluxe.  She caught a monster (for Thunder Lake) perch measuring 10 inches.

Congrats to every…..single…..participant.  All 29 of you!!

“See You At The Lake”

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