Kids Fishing Contest Results (7-30-13)

Last Tuesday, 8 contestants gathered for the weekly kids fishing contest here at TLL.  While the fish were a little tight-lipped, the kids still managed to catch 20 total fish.  Here are the notables from the week:

  • Ethan Saari from the McCleary Cabin caught the most fish of the day.  He reeled in 6 total fish.
  • Small fish of the day also came from the McCleary Cabin and Austin Saari.  His 5 inch sunfish was the smallest.
  • Big fish of the day was caught in dramatic fashion at the buzzer.  Rachel Noah from Condo #4 only caught one fish right at the end, but she made it count.  It was a big, beautiful 9 5/8″ bluegill!

Congratulations to all the participants!

“See You At The Lake”

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