Kids Fishing Contest Results (6-13-13)

The first kids fishing contest of 2013 kicked off last Thursday on the docks here at TLL!  Eleven contestants competed that day to catch a total of 49 fish.  Here are the notables for week #1 of 2013:

  • The smallest fish of the day was a doozy.  Landon Rowles from Cottage #11 caught a sunfish that measured only 3 3/4″.
  • Sheridan Stockman from Cottage #10 caught the most fish of the day.  She ended up wrestling with 13 total fish.
  • The benchmark for the big fish of 2013 was set high when 1st timer Jackson Westcot from Cottage #3 landed a 15″ largemouth bass!

Congrats to all the participants!

“See You At The Lake”

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