Ice-Out Conditions

The ice conditions on the lake have deteriorated rapidly with the nice weather over the last couple of weeks.  When we left on March 31st, the smaller lakes had already lost all of their ice.  Thunder, as always, was a little behind but was starting to show signs of losing its big sheet of ice in our bay.  Since we aren’t home right now, we aren’t quite sure if the ice is still on the lake today, but our guess is that it has already went out completely.  We will be back home on Tuesday to give you an update on the ice.  Here are some photos of the ice leading up to March 20th:

We have heard some people say that this is the earliest the ice-out has occurred in quite some time.  There will be a nice extended early-spring season on panfishing out of the boat for those who have a passion for it.  I know I will be trying get out a little.  It will also be nice to get everything into the water a little earlier this season.

We will be back soon with updates and hopefully more photos of open water on Thunder Lake!

“See You At The Lake”

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