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Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

We would like to welcome everyone to our new and improved website and blog.  This blog will be used for a number of different things.  It is our goal to post something new each week with the content varying with each post.  The content will include the all of the following:

1.  General current events and happenings at Thunder Lake Lodge.

2.  Photo postings throughout the course of the year.

3.  Summer and winter fishing reports as well as ice conditions.

4.  Questions posed for our guests and potential guests that will require interaction in the “comments” section.

Item #4 is obviously our biggest goal for this blog.  We strongly encourage questions, comments, concerns and constructive criticisms from our blog readers, whether you are current guests or not, on EVERY blog post.  You have the option of posting as a logged-in user with an account, or you can choose to post anonymously.  In any event, your post and comment will first be moderated and approved by an administrator before it is posted “live”.  This is a measure for us to ensure that you, the reader and follower, can come here knowing that this blog will be like Thunder Lake Lodge – clean, family-oriented fun.

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date on all the year-round happenings here at Thunder Lake Lodge.

Thank you for visiting us and Happy Holidays,

Craig & Jamie Riendeau

“See You At The Lake”