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Kids Fishing Contest Results (7-21-11)

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Eighteen fishing contest participants caught a total of 140 fish for the July 21st competition on the docks at TLL.  Here are the notables from the day:

  • Riley Hansen from Condo #3 caught the smallest fish of the day, which was a 4 1/8 inch sunfish.
  • Mason Hoch from Cottage #8 caught the most fish.  He fought with and landed 21 total fish.
  • Lucas Guazalli from Cottage #5 Main caught the biggest fish of the day.  He caught a very nice 10 1/4 inch crappie.

Congrats to all the participants!

“See You At The Lake!”

Kids Fishing Contest (7-14-11)

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

The driving rain and fierce wind (ok, light drizzle and 5 mph wind out of the east) didn’t stop our young fisherman from competing last Thursday.  An astounding 163 fish were caught by 16 contestants in last week’s kids fishing contest!  We aren’t sure if that’s a record or not, but it has to be up there in the annals of the storied TLL Fishing Contest. Here are the notables:

  • Olyvia Horsman from Cottage #9 caught the smallest fish.  It was a 3 7/8 inch sunfish.
  • Olyvia’s roommate from Cottage #9, Trevor Gnotke, caught the most fish.  He caught a 2011 best 29 fish!  Nice work Trevor!
  • Caleb Tellez in Cottage #4 caught the biggest fish of the day only 5 seconds before the final horn to end the contest.  He caught a 10 inch crappie right at the buzzer for a dramatic finish to the day. Congrats to all the contestants!

“See You At The Lake”

Thunder Lake Fishing Report (7-18-11)

Monday, July 18th, 2011

The recent constant heat during the last 2 weeks had surface temps as high as 78 degrees, which really depressed the bite for fishing.  Water temps as of yesterday were down to 75 again, but with this heat spell it will no doubt go up again towards 80 degrees.

Walleye fishing has been very spotty, with only a few people even reporting to have caught a walleye during the last couple weeks.  Because of the warmer water temps, the walleyes are going to deeper water to stay cool, find oxygen and chase the ciscoes and tulibees for food.  The best bet for walleyes right now is the night time crankbait trolling bite.

Crappies have also become tight-lipped and haven’t been easy to catch.  More often than not, you can see a bunch of them, but getting them to actually bite is another story.  This summer has been tougher so far than last year for the crappie bite.  Hopefully the best is still yet to come.

We did have a few big pike caught recently.  Chris Peryam landed 2 big pike, measuring 38″ and 37″, within 24 hours of each other.  He caught and released both fish.  Thanks, Chris!

Smallmouth and largemouth bass, as always, are the go-to bite during tough times.  Both species have consistently been caught all summer long for both numbers and size.  Live bait rigs and soft plastics have both produced a lot of fish.

We hopefully will have a more positive fishing report in the next weeks.  We’ll keep you updated!

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Kids Fishing Contest (7-7-11)

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Six contestants put on their competitive “game faces” and battled each other in a friendly fishing competition on the docks last Thursday.  Here are the results from the day:

  • The smallest fish of the day was claimed by Adrian Agras from Cottage #3.  He caught a 4 1/4 inch sunfish.
  • Zach Marotz from Cottage Deluxe caught the biggest fish of the day, which was a 8 1/4 inch rock bass.
  • Brooke Schramel from The McCleary Cabin caught a season’s best 23 fish to take the title of most fish caught.

Congrats to all the participants!

“See You At The Lake”