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Kids Fishing Contest Results (6-25-09)

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Thursday’s Kids Fishing Contest turned into a crappie catching contest by the end of the day.  The Brooks, Oelrich and Zapzalka families each took turns topping each other’s crappie catch during the last 15 minutes of the feeding frenzy.  In the end, the last fish that was caught as time expired proved to be the winner.  All 12 contestants caught at least one fish a piece.  The results are as follows:

  • Bryan from Cottage #11 caught the biggest fish, which was a 12 1/2″ crappie.
  • Billy from Cottage #3 caught the smallest fish, which was a 3 5/8″ sunfish.
  • Anna from Cottage #3 caught the most fish, totaling 11 fish.

Once again, be sure to click on each picture individually if you would like to get a larger view.



Congratulations to all the participants!

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Still Want to Book a Vacation at the Last Second?

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

For those of you who think you have waited too long to book a vacation at the lake this summer, please rest assured that is ISN’T.

Because the 4th of July is on a Saturday this year, we still have availability for the week leading up to the 4th of July and the week following the 4th of July.  We also have some sporadic openings in mid-to-late July, as well as August.

If you are interested, feel free to call or email us to see if we can work something out for you and your family.  It can’t hurt to try make it work, can it?

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Kids Fishing Contest Results (6-18-09)

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

There were 12 contestants in last Thursday’s Kids Fishing Contest and everybody caught at least one fish.

Here are the notables:

  • Benjamin from Cottage #4 caught the most fish with 26 total!
  • Trevor from Cottage #4 caught the biggest fish.  It was an 8 1/8″ Rock Bass.
  • Joaquin from Cottage #12 caught the smallest fish.  It was a 4 1/2″ Perch.

Thanks to all who participated!

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Thunder Lake Lodge Fishing Report (6-19-09)

Friday, June 19th, 2009

After 2.5 inches of rain last evening, mid-lake surface water temps are now at 63 degrees.  Before the rain, temps were around 65-66 degrees.  The heavy thunderstorms really cooled down the water overnight.  As a result, the post-front fishing bite was very slow this morning.  It might be a day or two for the fishing to get back to normal after all the thunder and lightning last night.

Before yesterday however, fishing was still really good.  Largemouth and smallmouth are still being caught in large numbers and sizes.  They are hitting on more slow, finesse presentations now.  Plastic worms have been the best producer lately.  The bass are close to being done spawning now on Thunder and are beginning to get in their summer routine by going out to deeper water as temps warm up.

Walleye action has slowed a bit in the last week.  Fish are being marked down in 25-35 feet of water but it has been a very finicky bite.  Lindy rigs and jigs with shiners still are producing a few fish in deeper dropoffs that are adjacent to shallow structure.  Diane from Condo #6 pulled in the biggest walleye so far this year at Thunder Lake Lodge.  It measured at 27.5 inches and was released back into the water by Diane for some other lucky angler to catch in the future.

Crappies, sunfish, bluegills, and perch are still being caught all over the lake in shallow water on bobber setups as well as small jigs.  This morning, crappies were seen underneath our docks for the 1st time this year.  They should be here to stay for the summer now.

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Scenes From TLL

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Here are some recent random photos of our guests enjoying Thunder Lake Lodge from the last week:

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Thunder Lake Lodge Fishing Report (6-11-09)

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Water surface temps have been around 57-59 degrees lately because of the cooler winds recently and the rain.  A cold front moved in a couple days ago that had brought us consistent winds out of the east.  Weather this week is supposed to gradually improve and heat up through the weekend.  This should have a positive impact on fishing as well.

Despite the cooler weather, walleye fishing activity has picked up a bit.  Our guests have been catching a few “eaters” here and there recently.  Patrick and Rick from Cottage Deluxe have had some luck the last couple of days with some 16 to 18 inch walleyes.   Donald Lotysz in Cottage #8 caught a walleye while fishing for bass in shallower water.  I even got a chance to get out myself for a couple hours and ended up catching a bunch of small walleyes along with an 18 incher.  The Bergstrom Crew from the Cottage #5 Annex had some good luck with northerns on Big Rice and also had success on Thunder Lake for bass.

Walleyes are being marked and caught in 20-30 feet of water on live bait rigs.  Crawlers, leeches and minnows are all being used successfully on lindy rigs.  Jig and minnow combinations have produced alot of smaller walleyes as well.

Smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing still remains to be the most consistent bite.  Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jig-n-pig combos and bobber setups tipped with leeches have been producing numbers of fish.

Panfishing off our docks with bobber setups was great for the Kids Fishing Contest this weekend as well.  Perch, rock bass, largemouth, smallmouth, sunfish and bluegill were all caught off the dock by the kids on Sunday.  The crappies still haven’t moved into the dock areas yet for the summer, but we anticipate that the transition will take place within the next couple weeks.

Last week, our guests were still catching some nice-sized pike out on Big Rice Lake with cane poles and daredevils.

We will keep you posted as the fishing progresses through next week.

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Wood Duck Hatch!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

In the spring of 2008, we built and put up a wood duck house on the red pine in front of Cottage #7 & Cottage #8.  However, we didn’t get any nesting takers.  This spring, I went up and put in new bedding in the house with hopes it would attract a female wood duck for nesting.  After a few days, we began to see activity in the house and soon thereafter, there were 9 eggs.

Two days ago, I checked to see if they had hatched again and they hadn’t.  Today, our guests notified us that the chicks had jumped out of the house and walked down to the water.  We ran outside to try get good pictures, but they had already made their way down the shoreline.

According to wikipedia, wood duck chicks jump from the house a day after they hatch and are immediately able to swim and get food on their own.  It’s pretty amazing how well-developed they are following the hatching from the egg.

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The Graczyk’s

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Gerry & Bea Graczyk have been coming to Thunder Lake for over 20 years to fish for walleyes.  So it’s safe to say that the couple from Silver Lake, MN have done their homework and alot of research over the years on how to catch Thunder Lake walleyes.  Their time and persistence has paid off.  Over the years, they and their sons have caught some giant walleyes.  In classic fashion, a great fishing story usually follows each big walleye they have caught on Thunder throughout the years.

Last week, the Graczyk’s joined us again in their favorite cabin, Cottage #7.  According to them, last week’s fishing was one of the better weeks of fishing they have seen in a while.  They caught numbers and good sizes of walleyes.  Ask Gerry and/or Bea and both of them will tell you that Bea outfished Gerry yet AGAIN this year.  Don’t be misled by the photos below.  Gerry claims to be able to hold them more properly and get them back in the water faster, but I just think he likes to try and take credit for Bea’s walleyes on camera (just kidding Gerry).

The Graczyk’s shared their photos with us from last week and we thought we would post them.  There are details of each fish in the photos.

Thanks for sharing with us, Gerry & Bea.

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Kids Fishing Contest Results (6-7-09)

Monday, June 8th, 2009

We had a great group of brave kids this weekend who wanted to take-on the elements of the weather for the Kids Fishing Contest.  It was a cool, windy day with winds out of the east blowing straight into the docks.  However, that didn’t slow down our contestants from participating.

We posted an example of this year’s Kids Fishing Contest participation certificate below:

Seth Otte from Cottage #12 caught the biggest fish of the day.  It was a 10″ rock bass.

Ryan Sanborn from Cottage #11 caught the most fish of the day.  He caught 4 fish.

Dawson Crouse from Cottage Deluxe caught the smallest fish, which was a 4 1/2″ sunfish.

We would like to congratulate each contestant for their determination throughout the contest and their patience in the weather.  All of them did a great job.  The bar of excellence has been set high for the rest of the contestants this summer!

Here are the rest of the contestants and photos from the contest:

Stay tuned for an updated fishing report with new photos.

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Scenes from TLL

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Just thought we would post some random pictures from the last couple weeks of our guests enjoying their time at Thunder Lake Lodge recently:

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