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Thunder Lake Lodge Fishing Report (5-24-09)

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Wow, what a weekend.

On Thunder Lake, surface water temps have crept up into the mid-50’s with the beautiful warm weather we had this weekend.  As a result, the fishing is really starting to pick up.  Crappies, largemouth and smallmouth bass have been starting to become more active on Thunder Lake, while the pike bite on Big Rice remains strong as well.  Our guests have had quite the weekend of fishing.

Crappies are being caught in shallow water on slip bobbers with minnows and leeched.  It is purely a protective bite right now as they are trying to protect their nests and beds from predators.  They are not actively looking to feed.

Smallmouth and largemouth bass are being caught on crankbaits and also on live bait bobber setups.  Today was truly an incredible day for smallmouths.  We had a few big smallies that were caught today.

On Big Rice Lake, Northern Pike are still being caught on cane poles and daredevils.  An occasional walleye is also being caught there as well as some perch.

On Thunder Lake, Scott from Cottage #3, who was a first time guest with us, caught a 20 inch smallmouth.  Believe it or not, it was Scott’s 1st ever smallmouth caught!  Good luck trying to top that.  Not to be outdone, Nathan from Cottage #10 landed a beautiful 20 3/4″ smallmouth that was his biggest ever also!  These are two trophy smallies caught on the same day on the same lake at the same resort.  Chip from The McCleary Cabin also reeled in a big female smallmouth as well.  Both Nathan and Chip released theirs, while Scott is having his mounted. Chris from Cottage #8 also landed a very nice Thunder Lake walleye.

This might sound like I’m making this up so you will either just have to take my word for it, or ask my guests themselves, but believe it or not, Jerry caught his two biggest walleyes ever on back-to-back days on Rice Lake.  The 1st walleye measured at 22.5″ and the 2nd measured at 24.5″.  Vern & Donovan also caught some nice pike on Rice Lake as well.  Donovan had a bonus JUMBO perch on the stringer to show too.

Here are the photos from the weekend.  Be sure to click on them individually for larger size views:

“See You At The Lake”

Technological Advancement at TLL

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Thunder Lake Lodge has previously had a wireless network that had been working intermittently and inconsistently.  We inherited a non-PC wireless network and I’m not a Mac or Apple guy, so you probably can contribute operator/administrator error to the old system not working properly last summer.  Hopefully, those days are behind us.

Today, myself and my good friend Jeff from Summerhill Farm installed a new wireless router and access point that is operated by a PC (my forte) in the lodge.  We then took our laptop around the resort to test out the new Wi-Fi network.  You will be happy to know that while sitting in Cottage #12, Condo #6, Cottage Deluxe and A-Frame #1, which are the furthest units away from the lodge in their respective directions as shown on our resort map, we had fast wireless network access from all points.

I know a few of our guests from last year were rightfully frustrated that they couldn’t get wireless signal from their respective cottages and instead had to walk to the lodge to get Internet access.  Pending any bad weather, this should no longer be a problem.

TLL is officially a “Wi-Fi” resort.

“See You At The Lake”

Thunder Lake Lodge – Fishing Opener Photos

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Our annual fishing opener guests had another successful couple days of fishing.  The Walton & Krueger families have a knack of always bringing in their limits each year.  The biggest Northern Pike that was caught weighed in around 7 lbs.

Here are a few photos from their fresh catches caught today:

More fishing photos to follow in the coming weeks.  We will do our best to keep everyone updated on the fishing and will try to have some reports as well.

“See You At The Lake”

Docks are in, bring on the fishing opener!

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Thunder Lake Lodge’s docks were put in this week and the resort in general is starting to get that “summertime” feel to it.  The fishing boats and ramps are in the water, and the newly upholstered seats of our pontoons are ready to be installed and put in the water shortly as well.  Our brand new chaise lounges have found the beach, and the grass has really greened up in the last week or so.

Our fishing opener guests will be arriving this afternoon.  We will let you know how they do throughout the weekend and will provide photos hopefully of their fresh catches. More to come on that soon.

Good luck to all fisherman this weekend and most importantly, stay safe.

“See You At The Lake”